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MOTHER’S DAY FEATURE: ‘Power Moms’ on career and family

By: Inside WORLD

As the President of FOPM, Joy Salazar applies the same principle she had with raising her kids to managing a company. As a mother not just to her biological children but also to the employees of FOPM, Salazar is all about knowing her role, accepting the truth that she may make mistakes, knowing her weaknesses, and fulfilling her responsibilities to the best of her abilities.

“It’s the quality of time I spend with my children that I am focused on. I may have missed out on a lot of the PTA meetings, but my children tell me that they will never forget the times we were able to have dinner together. This is when they can talk about anything under the sun with me. I am not a helicopter mom; it’s not my style. I do have opinions, yes, but I allow my children to do what makes them happy. I simply encourage them to do the best that they can.

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Megaworld to create 'townships of the future'

By: Business Mirror

Property giant Megaworld is embarking on a company-wide program to ‘future-proof’ its developments around the country through the creation of ‘iTownships.’ 

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Megaworld to Develop Smart Townships

By: Rappler

MANILA, Philippines – Andrew Tan-led property developer Megaworld Corporation announced plans to future-proof its mixed-use townships by turning them into smart cities.

Dubbed iTownships, the plan revolves around incorporating digital technology, design innovations, and connectivity into Megaworld developments.

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Anniversary Series

By: Jaeza

For this year’s anniversary, FOPM went the extra mile in celebrating its founding anniversary with a series of activities to celebrate the organizational milestone. This year’s anniversary theme was “We Learn, We Share, Have Fun, Give Thanks” and was represented by a series of events held over the month-long celebration.

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