Taking Care Of People : Joy Salazar

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Taking Care of People : Joy Salazar

By: CEO Magazine

Many people believe property management is focused on looking after buildings, but Joy Salazar begs to differ. “Property management is all about people,” she insists.

“It’s not just the building and the four walls. It’s really the people living inside that building. We need to not only take care of what’s outside, but also who lives there, stays there and works there. That is what it is all about.”

As President of First Oceanic Property Management (FOPM), Joy is dedicated to ensuring her company delivers a high level of personalized customer service. “That is very, very important to us – we take care of people,” she adds. “Our customers want to feel like we are personally looking after them.”

From the moment Joy joined Megaworld Corporation in 1997, she says she knew it was a “golden opportunity”. After more than 17 years as First Vice President and Head of Quality Control Management, she moved across to Megaworld’s property management arm FOPM in 2014.

“When I became President of FOPM, I knew my success would depend highly on my ability to lead, move and set a new direction in a Megaworld affiliate with more than 500 employees,” she reflects.

Joy credits Megaworld Chairman and CEO Dr Andrew L Tan and COO Lourdes Gutierrez-Alfonso with having a huge impact on her approach to business. “I consider myself fortunate to have worked with these two prodigious game-changers in the property development industry,” she enthuses.

“They encouraged me to make it my personal mission to develop a strongly motivated and customer-centric organisation. I envisioned FOPM to be the top-of-mind property management provider servicing and meeting expectations of our residential, office and BPO customers.” – CEO Magazine

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