Managed Properties

Managed Properties

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To adapt to the Philippines’ competitive real estate market, FOPM has evolved from being Property Managers to Asset Managers. By applying the Strategic Asset Preservation Program wherein we do not only manage the assets but also think of ways on how we can enhance their value. FOPM caters to residential, BPO/Office Spaces and Estates.


BPO/Office Spaces

BPO managed properties is a critical part of Megaworld’s recurring income strategy, operating and managing almost 1 million sq/m of leased office space primarily occupied by BPO tenants who are global and regional in scale.

Through world-class rentals, BPO managed properties delivers basic and advanced property management services for the furtherance of your business interests.

The BPO property management team lives and works under these very specific principles to ensure a satisfying and world-class quality property management experience for all their clients, customers, and Megaworld tenants.


With clients ranging from balikbayans to executives, families to newlyweds, students to professionals, living in equally diverse properties from premier projects to afforadable homes, FOPM’s wide selection of Residential units have options for every lifestyle.

Whether in a stand-alone property, a complex of over 20 buildings, one of our 15 townhouses, or our 9,000-unit condominium complex, clients in our Residential projects will always feel FOPM’s promise of security, prestige, affection, and comfort with an economic edge.

Industrial Estates

FOPM also offers property management to industrial estates and uses its residential, commercial, and institutional components to complete a self-sustaining town by enhancing and prioritizing environmental balance. 

FOPM supports non-polluting light and medium industries that have superior facilities for waste management and prioritizes the use of renewable resources. Our industrial estates also features parks, trees, plants, water recycling, waste treatment system, and open spaces and amenities for workers and residents.