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Balancing Act: How FOPM Champions Work-Life Balance

Blog > Balancing Act: How FOPM Champions Work-Life Balance

At FOPM, we believe true efficiency stems from a harmonious balance between professional duties and personal life. That’s why we are committed to fostering an environment where our team can thrive both in and out of the office. This dedication to nurturing a well-rounded work culture is precisely why FOPM was honored with an HR Asia Award in 2023.

We understand that when our team members feel balanced and fulfilled, they bring their best selves to everything they do. Here’s how we ensure our team maintains a healthy work-life balance.

We Learn

The ‘We Learn’ approach is our own way of creating a learning environment that helps each employee grow. Through this initiative, FOPM aims to create a dynamic learning atmosphere that propels each employee toward both personal and professional development through various development programs. Through the exchange of knowledge and the pursuit of new challenges, we are able to enhance the skills of our team members and boost their confidence as working professionals.

We Share

At FOPM, we’re committed to supporting our colleagues, our organization, and the wider community. The ‘We Share’ initiative is all about giving back and sharing our blessings with everyone — whether it’s our time, resources, or goodwill. Some of our activities include outreach programs, donation programs, feeding drives, and more. We don’t just strive to make a positive difference wherever possible;, we actively contribute to a culture of generosity and support. By fostering a spirit of love and kindness, we are able to strengthen our collective impact and reinforce our role as a positive force in the community.

Give Thanks

‘Give Thanks’ is a practice that grounds us in gratitude and faith. We believe that true success is a blend of hard work and divine blessing. To sustain a strong spiritual foundation and nurture our shared faith, we organize quarterly worship events. These gatherings reinforce our commitment to gratitude and spiritual growth, helping us stay connected and centered as a community.

Have Fun

‘Have Fun’ is our way of balancing the demands of a busy work schedule. We emphasize the importance of enjoying life through a variety of activities designed to help our team members relax and unwind, such as team-building activities, summer outings, year-end parties, sportsfest, and Family Day events. This not only makes the journey more enjoyable but also strengthens our team’s bond as we share experiences and create lasting memories together outside of work.

Internal Engagements

Aside from our ‘We Learn, We Share, Give Thanks, and Have Fun’ initiatives, we also have various internal engagements held every week to strengthen our bond as a team.

Each week starts with Express-o Monday, a one-hour interactive session where HR and team members discuss upcoming events, initiatives, and the direction of the organization. Tuesdays are marked by iChoose Day, a 15-minute engaging break that allows employees to collaborate, socialize, and share ideas in a casual atmosphere. Wellness Wednesday is dedicated to employee wellness, with sessions that delve into the eight dimensions of well-being—social, environmental, financial, intellectual, vocational, physical, spiritual, and emotional—providing our team with resources for holistic health. On G.Y.M. Thursday, we share an enriching infographic that covers everything from company policies to current events and fun facts. We round off the week with Friyey, a 30-minute burst of fun to celebrate another successful week, featuring exciting interactive activities that boost spirits and build camaraderie.

FOPM’s Formula for Success

Our dedication to maintaining a healthy work-life balance is a practice embedded in every aspect of our workplace culture. From fostering individual growth to strengthening our camaraderie as a team, each initiative that we have played a crucial part in ensuring that our team members lead balanced, fulfilling lives. These efforts are complemented by our weekly internal engagements, which provide healthy breaks from a busy day and a chance to strengthen our bond. 

At FOPM, we invest not only in our employees’ professional success but also in their personal well-being and in creating a thriving community that excels together both inside and outside the office. That is the ultimate FOPM experience!

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