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Career Stories

Embodying the Top of Mind Philosophy as Individuals

By: Raymund

Here at First Oceanic Property Management, we firmly believe and pride ourselves in our Top of Mind philosophy that encompasses not only our business process but also our mission and vision. With our customer-centric approach to the business, it is only fitting that we also focus on the micro-aspect of this approach. It’s time to start working on ourselves as individual embodiments of this philosophy that contribute greater to the greater whole.

Nowadays, clients have begun to search for more than excellent services. More and more consumers are beginning to seek a personal connection with the companies they have chosen. There is now a need for companies to build personas that do not seem robotic and detached from the people they serve. This is precisely why more and more companies have started engaging with consumers on various social media platforms which, by its nature, doesn’t seem like a traditionally professional way to keep in touch.

With that, here are three simple ways to build personal connections with clients and keep them coming back for more.

Make interactions more personal.

After initial transactions, you must contribute more towards building a lasting connection between you and the client. However, all following interactions must be meaningful and serve a specific purpose. Regular correspondence in the form of social media activity or regular newsletters and incentive announcements are merely ways to show that you care. Just don’t make it seem like all you care about is the next transaction.

The little things matter.

Science has proven that people, in general, love to talk about themselves. With the amount of little personal trivia littered in our daily conversations, we never cease to be amazed when someone remembers something as simple as a favorite color, a pet’s name, a birthday, or a favorite song. Thus, something as simple as remembering something said in passing can greatly help in making our customers feel like they matter and that they’re not just another number figure.

Be a good listener.

Lastly, good listening skills don’t simply end in receiving feedback. It entails asking about how the experience could have been better. One study showed that brand loyalty isn’t simply about delighting clients; it was also about how a company or brand can give the customer what they want. This means responding to feedback and then adjusting accordingly in order to provide better experiences for future clients.

With these three simple reminders, customers are likely to keep coming back because your message, your personality, and your company resonate with them. Building connections with existing consumers can further help the company because clients are always your best bet for getting more clients. When customers trust you, they’re more likely to spread the message among friends and families whilst coming back to you again and again.