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My Property, Property of the Year

By: Reigner

It was truly a satisfying moment when I unexpectedly heard the announcement during the recent year-end party that Bellagio One was recognized as the best property of the year. The feeling someone gets when he fulfills his endeavor enveloped me —honored, proud, and inspired. I found myself in a state of shock, suddenly unable to hear the glorifying cheer of the crowd. Time seemed to have slowed down and all I saw were beautiful faces with joyful smiles. My mind flew fast and took me back to the time when I first saw Bellagio One.

2013 was the year I first set foot on the grounds of Bellagio One and it was a sight that filled me with awe and excitement. The building stands at a great height and possesses stunning aesthetics not only in the façade as it offers more on the inside. A building that would fulfill great expectations from anyone seeking comfort in living and style — Bellagio One is a lifestyle. I can still vividly remember almost everything on my first day, I was really nervous then, but not for too long. As I stepped in, a very pleasing doorman greeted me with a sweet smile, followed by a courteous receptionist who guided me on my way to the Administration Office where my seat was waiting, where I would be spending my day serving and fulfilling the main purpose of my job — to give the residents nothing but excellent living and social experience. That very instance, I felt a great deal of self-respect and motivation. I was curious, thinking what is it about me that the Human Resource Department saw, deploying me to one of the most prestigious and respected condominiums in Bonifacio Global City. Then I told myself I could deliver what is expected from me as the building engineer, or perhaps, take a leap further from that expectation and make things much better.

Bellagio One is one of Megaworld’s flagship properties and top-of-mind residential condominium. Its lobby, together with the other amenities sits on the upper ground or about a floor higher from the ground level of the whole Bonifacio estate, making it exclusive and more premium than the other buildings in the vicinity. The elegant yet simple and minimalistic look of the lobby and all the amenities are designed with the brightest colors which will unsurprisingly capture the hearts of prospective investors. Every area is well maintained and seems to not be aging since it became functional almost a decade ago.

Being awarded as the property of the year not only reflects the investments of Bellagio One’s beloved residents but the hard work and dedication of all its employees who made it possible to preserve and protect the reputation and value of the building in all aspects, and I am lucky enough to be part of the team. I would proudly say that this is my property, the best property of the year.