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Learning and Development

Learning and Development

Operations Management Training

Take your career further by joining FOPM. Vacancies are recruited from within the team. Rest assured that your dedication, perseverance, and limitless potential will not go unnoticed. Our employees are able to rise through the ranks, even securing managerial positions.


FOPM’s Operations Management Training program, CHEFS, comprises the five key components of the property management industry:
            Customer Relations
            Housekeeping & Sanitation
            Engineering & Maintenance
            Finance & Administration
            Safety & Security

Consisting of four months of theoretical and practical training, CHEFS is our secret to growing our employees into competent and qualified property heads. At FOPM, we turn your potential into reality.


Internship Program

Your career journey doesn’t have to wait until graduation; FOPM also has On-the-Job training programs for third and fourth year college students aspiring to work in property management. Trainees will get first-hand experience of the business and gain valuable knowledge about the field that can’t be taught in the classroom. Opportunities at FOPM don’t stop on the last day of training: qualified and competent individuals may be absorbed by the company for vacant positions and will be able to continue to learn and grow with FOPM.