Corporate Support

Corporate Support

FOPM combines the best industry practices, support services, and technology to create a seamless service experience for our customers and business partners.

Central Operations

The Central Operations is composed of the following:

  • Asset Turnover Group (ATG) tasked to oversee the turnover of building assets including the machinery, equipment and amenities needed for a building during start up building operations within all of FOPM’s managed properties.
  • Technical and Engineering Management (TEM) identifies and standardizes the scope of work for the MEPFS (mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection, and sanitary) systems and civil features, ensures functionality and quality assurance in terms of technical requirements, operations and maintenance, and offers engineering consultation and Quick Response to any system and civil feature concern.
  • Business Accounts Management (BAM) responsible for the account maintenance and management of the company’s existing portfolio, and conducts periodical checks and performance surveys to identify key areas of improvement.
  • Customer Service and Home Management (CSHM) listens to and anticipates customer needs to ensure every experience is remarkable. They ensure quality service through various trainings including personal development of the property management team, and by continuously building customer relations.
  • CHEFS Resource Center (CRC) is a Research and Learning Center that delivers professional Property Management Training, Technical and Professional Research, Corporate Planning, Strategy and Integration, Business Analytics, and Documents Control Management, Customer Service and Home Management

Finance and Administration

The activities of the Finance and Administration department covers Corporate Accounting and Finance, Information Technology, General Administration and Supply Chain Management, and Corporate Support through Cost Analytics and Performance Analysis.

  • Corporate Finance: Comptrollership/General Accounting, Budget, and Payroll ensures that Corporate Finance, Government Policies and Reporting are being followed.
  • Corporate Finance Support: Cost Analytics and Performance Analysis, and Budget contribute to the improvement of Operations by analyzing and measuring financial data, ensuring and updating all financial policies (corporate/government) are being implemented in the Properties and working with Operations to prepare the Site budgets and forecasts,
  • Corporate Procurement: responsible for the coordination and oversight of the sourcing strategy, selection of partners, and contract terms of references.

Corporate Legal

Corporate Legal supports FOPM’s managed properties through standardizing and reviewing contracts, rendering legal opinions, and ensuring that FOPM and their properties are compliant. They also ensure that all agreements entered by FOPM with its clients follow industry standards, and that both parties are well protected in all aspects. They give valid advice to the property management team, and ensure that all the new laws and legal systems are cascaded to all members to guide them in the performance of their duties.

Corporate Audit

FOPM’s Audit and Compliance function helps the organization accomplish their objectives with a systematic and disciplined approach. Through the audit process, effective controls reduce the organization’s risk of asset loss. Corporate Audit ensures that all information are complete, active, and reliable and that the organization complies with relevant laws and regulations. It also ensures continuous cooperation with the different departments within the organization. What we do as Audit and Compliance are:

  • Use independent and objective reviews to support management in the assessment and development of control systems designed to safeguard company assets and protect its corporate interests.
  • Maintain governance partnerships with compliance, information systems, enterprise risk management, and others to ensure appropriate risk coverage across the organizations and to identify opportunities for leverage.
  • Assist the organization in maintaining its compliance and carrying out its mission and values with a high degree of honesty and integrity by implementing means of preventing fraud and abuse of authority.